Here are some projects I built with my classmates and research collaborators. Please note that in class projects, team members make roughly equal contributions, but my name usually comes first due to alphabetical order authorship. In research projects, the authorship is contribution-based.

Hats-off: A Multilingual Hate Speech Detector for English and Spanish Tweets.

Course project: Computational Linguistics I   Instructor: Prof. Hal Daume III

We trained an LSTM neural network and a nonneural ensemble classifier to detect hate speech in Tweets. Besides pretrained word embeddings, we also tried to use graphical features based on connections between Tweeter users.

MultiXplore: A context-dependent approach to capture insights in high-dimensional datasets.

Course project: Interactive Data Analytics   Instructor: Prof. Leilani Battle

We implemented a visualization recommendation tool to help users to better explore high-dimensional datasets. Besides incorporating existing strategies based on statistical characteristics, we also borrowed the idea from social media to recommend visualizations based on users' likes/dislikes.

ROTDIF-Web: A GenApp Generated Science Gateway for Comprehensive Analysis of Biomolecular NMR Relaxation Data.

Internship project: Science Gateways Community Institute   Advisor: Prof. Emre Brookes

We developed an online interactive data analytics tool for biologists to analyze Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) data, which integrated with a previous software ROTDIF.